About Us

About Us

We Are Professional Lawn Sprinkler Installers

We founded our company in 2006 and since then, Dicava has become a reference for quality, professionalism, and competence. Over the years, we have handled countless projects for many homeowners in Dacula, GA and the region,  we would be honored to assist you as well. Discover a dependable lawn sprinkler system contractor.

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What We Do

Professional Service

Lawn Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Designing a lawn sprinkler system involves planning the layout, selecting appropriate sprinkler heads, determining water pressure requirements, calculating water flow rates, and mapping out zones for efficient coverage. This process requires knowledge of the landscape, soil type, plant water needs, and local climate conditions.

Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

Regular inspections ensure that your sprinkler system is operating efficiently and effectively. We'll clean and adjust sprinkler heads to optimize water distribution and minimize waste. Our seasonal maintenance services, including spring start-up and winterization, help protect your system from damage during changing weather conditions.

Company Value

Professional Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor

Superior Assistance

At Dicava, we know and understand that attention to detail plays an important role in our line of work. It makes the difference between a well-executed and a poorly-executed job. We always aim for the former. We can design, install, and repair lawn sprinkler systems of various sizes. We help our customers keep their green spaces lush and healthy by correctly and regularly meeting their watering needs.

Why Trust Us?

Our lawn sprinkler company is licensed because we don’t have the habit of leaving things to chance. We operate per industry standards and regulations. We have built an excellent relationship with many homeowners in Dacula, GA and the region and we are eager to have one with you as well. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.